Well.....we made it! Christmas night is here and the season went wonderfully....for the most part. Phoenix did surprise us a couple of times in the last few weeks. First off, Phoenix is in this "naked" stage. He fights us every day with wanting to run around naked. Despite our efforts he still gets away with it a time or two. The last time this happened he decided to poop on the floor and smear it in the carpet (a little on his mattress too..and sorry for the graphic details)! Second, Phoenix came in to the kitchen one day saying"Momma eat." He was pointing to the living room where the Christmas tree was. I assumed he had taken a candy cane off the tree and was trying to eat it with the wrapper on. But no, I went into the living room and found the remains of a glass ornament which he was calling "candy" by that time broken into tiny pieces(a few of which, were still in his mouth). He ate two glass ornaments and left the candy canes for some fortunate soul. Other than that, we have survived our first Christmas as a family of four and we're excited for the adventures that lye ahead of us in the new year... We thought you might enjoy our last family picture which happens to be a couple of years old by now...still worth the laugh...


Delirious December

"Wait a second!--Is this helmet on backwards? This is right, right?"

Man things can get crazy in a hurry! who knew chucking diapers in the corner for a couple days until you can take them to the trash could produce such a lovely aroma.
The babies are doing awesome! we took them to their first Dr. appointment and learned that Isabella is now almost 7 and 1/2 pounds of sugar and Peyton is about 7 pounds of "GIMME MORE FOOD!!!" They are both growing furiously.
Isabella was tested for about 2 hours at the Dr.s office and we found that she does not need oxygen to live. ha ha She is free from all monitors and oxygen tubes/tanks but we still find ourselves yelling at Carson from across the room to get off the TV or Christmas tree, not realizing that we can actually move around the house while holding Isabella now.
It feels great to have them home and free from hospital support. It makes you want to look around and say "OK, now, where did we leave life before all this happened?"
Carson and Phoenix are handling it well, although the house does seem to get a bit more messy. Yesterday I found a sock stuck to the wall. seriously. If only we could train Sicily to do housekeeping we would be all set. Here are some more pics of whats new.
One picture is out of place but it is the picture of the day to make you smile. can you find it?

Dumb and Dumber

The yard...