Alaska was wonderful!! I got to spend the week with my hubby in beautiful Alaska! We flew into Anchorage and then stayed a night in Seward and the rest of the time in Homer. We met LOTS of very interesting people, with very interesting vocabulary. Many wondered if we still practice polygamy and couldn't figure out why we didn't drink or swear or have coffee...their "motto" is "Homer, a small drinking town with a fishing problem." We met a cool couple from Washington who spend a lot of time watching after the captains home in their hometown. We keep in touch with them as well as the rest of the crew and have lots of fun stories we cam e back with. Carson is getting straight "4's...same as straight A's" in school and Phoenix uses his own curriculum in preschool. Isabella potty trained herself after months of taking her diaper off and we didn't "get" her hints. Peyton would like to think he is potty training, but he pees on Phoenix's Batman toy instead. Stan and I have settled back into life after a week vacation and we're pretty sure my mom is still recovering after having our kids for the whole week!


Dumb and Dumber

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