"Shoo fly! Dont bother me!"

We have started to settle into our new apartment that is nestled in the hills of Mendon and we are adjusting to our inconveniences. Our children are having some adjustments to make as well. Phoenix has developed a deathly fear of houseflies. Ha ha!! No serious. He may be mistaking them with mosquito's or bees or something. All we know is that we thought there was a lot of crying before this phobia. Do you have any idea how many flies there are? Do you know how persistent they can be? Do you know how loud a 2 year old can scream? Well, just watch the video and you will get a little taste of what we enjoy every time he encounters a housefly. Carson, on the other hand, has found great joy in being a bit more stubborn. He has decided that even though we would like him to ask us if he can hold or carry the babies, he would rather do it without us knowing. Today we heard a tumbling sound and then crying and ran to find Isabella at the bottom of the stairs scuffed up and tearful. When we asked Carson where he carried her, he pointed to the 7th step. Whew! Good thing kids bounce.


hello there


While driving peacefully in our newly repaired Honda Odyssey (a truck scraped down the side of it in the Post Office parking lot) we were speedily approached from the rear end by a young lady wearing platform high heels and driving a volkswagon passat. Needless to say, as her foot (compromised by the fashionable foot wear) accidently hit the gas pedal instead of the brake... we were not so pleasantly surprised by a loud smash coming from behind. I (Aubrey) jumped in the back to make sure all the kids were ok, but humorously the only person affected was Stan who swallowed his gum as his head hit the head rest. Today, his neck is sore, but otherwise ok. As for the Odyssey...well, let's just say that the guys as the repair shop are going to know us by first name. Stan and I are just happy that we get our van cleaned and vacuumed before it is returned to us!


In the middle of the mess was a screaming child...yes, you guessed it, Phoenix. But with a good reason this time. His head met the corner of the playstation which left him with a nice gash. He got stiches, a lollipop and a new transformer for it. We got another bill from the hospital! Tomorrow is 2 more doctor appointments for Peyton and Isabella....shouldn't we get frequent flyer discounts?


Ok, so everyone is asking "when are you guys gonna move?"...we're gonna start thinking everyone wants us to leave! (hahaha). Anyway, our house is closing on July 14th. Where are we gonna live you might ask? We are going to stay for hopefully not more than 3 and a half months in a basement apartment of our nephew's wife dads house (sound redneck?). It lacks a few necessities (like a microwave, air conditioner, washer/dryer hook ups), but in all other ways we feel blessed to have someone rent to us without a 6 month lease. Our land sales contract has been extended to close on July25th. We were a little disappointed, but we're still grateful that they still wanted it. Our land closing depends upon 2 houses being sold...It goes like this... The Tolman's buying our land are selling their house to the Berry's who are selling their house to a family. The Berry's are closing on their house and buying the Tolman's and the Tolman's are buying our land supposedly all on July 25th. Sound non-reassuring? Well, we're keeping our fingers crossed. As far as the house being built...well, we've never been happier to say that we have dug ourselves a hole...literally. Actually, they have already put a basement in that hole and started to frame on top of the basement. We anticipate being able to move in on November 1st....we're keeping our fingers crossed on that as well. Bella is doing good...still sounds a little junky in her trunky, but no wheezing or retracting. Peyton is passed the ear infection and moved onto thrush from the antibiotics. Phoenix has a fever last night and tonight and was asking to eat tacos in his sleep. He's doing pretty well in the potty training business. Carson is healthy (Alleluia!) but he has to be reassured that every toy that is put in a box is going to eventually come out again, but we have to pack it in order to be able to keep it. He keeps saying "but Mom, I wanted to keep that one..." So we go through the whole thing again...he's so dang cute!


Here Fishy Fishy!!

Fish on!

"We should let this one go because he misses his family".

It has been a while since I've taken the boys fishin' so
we decided we would go up the Logan River and the Sludge
River ( that is what we call the Bear River ). Between all the
rock throwing, weed stomping, loud laughing, and re-casting
we were actually able to catch some fish!! They probably just
sacrificed themselves so we would leave. Ha Ha.

Anyway, they loved to feel the carp lips, slimy eyeballs and
sharp fins of the channel cats. They both proved to be great
fishermen. Phoenix caught the carp that is as big as he is and
Carson caught the most both times. All on those little two foot poles.
We had fun and as a bonus, nobody fell in...AMAZING!

"I caught your favorite fish Daddy, A TV cat!!"

Phoenix called this the Grandpa Whale Carp.

They had a blast when they both had a fish on at the same time!


Isabella is doing good. She was able to give back the oxygen tanks. She was seen on Monday by her pediatrician. He said that "her lungs sound like garbage", but at least her wheezing and retractions were gone. He believes it may be bronchiolitis or possibly reflux. Reflux was the cause of her desaturations as a preemie in the NICU. She will be seen again on July 10th and if she has not improved then the next step is acid reducers. She is back to her happy, smiley self. It's SO good to see her bright eyes and big smiles again. She has even given us a few giggles too! The other kid-o's are great. Carson and Phoenix are enjoying there little swimming pool out back and riding their bikes. Stan and I are actually packing (I can't believe it may actually go through this time!) We are scheduled to close on July 14th so we're looking quickly for a place to live.

Dumb and Dumber

The yard...