Here Fishy Fishy!!

Fish on!

"We should let this one go because he misses his family".

It has been a while since I've taken the boys fishin' so
we decided we would go up the Logan River and the Sludge
River ( that is what we call the Bear River ). Between all the
rock throwing, weed stomping, loud laughing, and re-casting
we were actually able to catch some fish!! They probably just
sacrificed themselves so we would leave. Ha Ha.

Anyway, they loved to feel the carp lips, slimy eyeballs and
sharp fins of the channel cats. They both proved to be great
fishermen. Phoenix caught the carp that is as big as he is and
Carson caught the most both times. All on those little two foot poles.
We had fun and as a bonus, nobody fell in...AMAZING!

"I caught your favorite fish Daddy, A TV cat!!"

Phoenix called this the Grandpa Whale Carp.

They had a blast when they both had a fish on at the same time!

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