Deadliest Catch

For those of you not on facebook...here's a little message that Mike Fourtner left me (he's one of the Time Bandit crewman)...

Hi Aubrey, It was great to meet you and Stan! You guys are crazy good fans to drive that far just to hang out with a bunch of wild crab fisherman! We all had a great time and we talked about you guys this morning when we got up, saying "Holy cow..., those guys drove for 15 hours to come see us"!! You guys rock! We really appreciate what went into you coming to see us and we hope it was worth both of your time to come! Hope you both enjoyed yourself! Take care! Talk to you later! Mike

Isn't that soo cool!



Time Bandit from Deadliest Catch

So, long story short....Love Deadliest Catch, Love F/V (fishing vessel) Time Bandit crew...Time Bandit crew came to Portland, so we went to Portland...here's the result...many stories to be told!



Just a few more pictures you might enjoy...


Dumb and Dumber

The yard...