I guess we are starting to realize that "Girls Rule, Boys Drool!" At least that's what our little Isabella thinks. She caught a "small cold" which turned into a big deal (girls are so dramatic). She thought it would be funny to freak her parents out by wheezing and retracting so she landed herself in the Emergency department. They took x-rays, RSV test, did 3 breathing treatments and some oral steroids and her O2 saturation was still 85% so she got a mini vacation on the pediatric floor. She stayed 3 days and 2 nights. Her wheezing and retractions are soooo much better, but her oxygen won't stay above 86% on room air so she gets her trusty ole' O2 tank back. The guy that sets up the oxygen tanks in your house actually remembered us when he saw our address on the list...that's not cool! (ha ha ha...Bella thinks it is, she thinks she's famous now!) Anyway, I (Aubrey) was sad because I've been looking forward to a family activity at Mom J's house, but I guess our kids decided everything for us! Here's some photos of Isabella.


We had an awesome weekend! We went to Spring Hollow campground at "third dam" up Logan Canyon to camp for one night wiith our family friends, Lanee and Chelsea Adamson and their 2 little girls. Believe it or not, we actually had a good time with all these kids...and no disasters! Carson caught a couple of rainbow trout and Phoenix slipped into the mud...the babies slept the same as at home and didn't seem to mind the overnight trip. We had lots of treats and good food.

Dumb and Dumber

The yard...