Okay, so a long time ago I thought it would be a good idea to post ads on our blog...why, you ask? Well, supposedly their is dough to be made in the blogging business, although I have to to see any....so, that explains the "Scientology.org" ad. No, I'm not trying on new shoes, still a mormon. Here's some pics you've been missing out on!




Oh, where do we begin...It can't be good when we have a lot to catch up on. I'm unable to post pics right now, but thought I could update our life journal for the past couple weeks. First off, I made some fabulous meatloaf.
So I'm at church, all 4 kids, by myself...Stan worked the night shift the night before so I was on my own at the lovely deseret. We're somewhat under control til Phoenix decides to run across to the couch across the "foyer"....yep, we sit in the foyer so I don't have to have volunteers chase my kids around the chapel. So the babies jump down and start heading for the hallway. I dart over and snatch up Peyton and put him on the couch fast enough to catch Bella before she's gone. Just before I turn to grab Bella, Peyton swings his head back and slams it on the wood chair-rail just behind the couch. I grab Bella anyway, and as I turn back, Peyton has blood dripping down his head onto his white shirt. My first thought...do I swing the chapel door open and scream "head wound"...or do I just grab the kids and throw em' in the van and head to the hospital? I opted for the latter. 5 staples and a dum-dum lollipop and we're good as new.
Within the week, Sicily was acting like she had an ear infection. It was 3 "cat-tails" which had to be removed under anesthesia for a low whoppin' 250 buckaroos! What a steal....how much does Euthanasia cost?
Carson started 1st grade. The day before I woke Stan up after only 3 hours of sleep and dragged him to a charter school to sit on a trial 45 min. test run to see if it looked any more appealing then the dry teacher he had been assigned to at his elementary school. It wasn't more appealing so I dragged Stan to his elementary to meet his teacher. He agreed that she was dry, but we've decided to give the lady a try. I thought it was a better idea then having him transfered to another teacher and then decide that she was no better and then want him transfered back. Then I would be the crazy mom that the principal uses as a teaching guide at his staff meetings titled "how to deal with the crazy moms that open their kids fruit snacks before her kid leaves the house because she's afraid he won't be able to get them open at lunch" seminar.
I had a baby shower for a cute girl at my work (Elise) who is having twins. She looked like she was having so much fun at the shower so I just said " I know you think this is fun and all (this having twins thing), but it's really not...all this, it's really not that fun." I laughed and so did everyone else, but really I was thinking "poor Elise, poor Elise."
Then two days ago we went to the Monster Truck Show. We got to see the Gravedigger live in action! And all the while we watched beer drinkers singing what they announced would be the National Anthem ...."I'm proud to be an American...where at least I know I'm free...and I won't forget...blah, blah, blah." Rednecks....feels like home.


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