There was an opening in Mrs. Chelsea's preschool (just the best preschool in the world!) so Phoenix was happy to get out of the house and get a brand new backpack!

The boys loved playing in the snow with their daddy pulling them on the sled!

You have to love going to see Santa...my kids love it, can't you tell? Other then the fact that he smells like meat and cheese and possibly has a lazy eye, he IS the Jolley Ol'e Elf that visits us on Christmas Eve!


Vote for Peyton!!

Ok, well in case you never got to see the photos taken by Stephanie Tueller of the twins...here they are. Don't worry, I bought the copyright to them so you're not looking at a criminals website! Anyway, Stephanie Tueller is having a contest on her blog where she posted her 12 most favorite pictures from the year 2008 and she posted Peyton as one of them! Vote for Peyton and we win an 11x14 and bragging rights!! Here's her blog...he's #11 !


Spagehetti cupcakes anyone....yummy!

A little out of order, but here's a few pics from our fab Thanksgiving feast!

Made of candy and grahams and no house cleaning necessary...


Ok...if you get squirmy over blood and guts then you seriosuly need to check out another blog cause if you scroll down then you're gonna see some. This is a little accident that happened when Carson got his fingers shut in the french doors at our house. The bone wasn't broken, but his whole nail was removed, the inner ;ayers of his fingers were stiched back together and then his nail was placed back on again. It will fall off later anyway, but it is put back for support and healing. Here you go! Carson was such a good sport!

The pic above was of his finger without the nail on it...pretty weird!
The doctor did a fantastic job and was willing to pose for us!


Helping mom make chocolate cake...

We have a little catchin' up tp do...not with events, but with pics. Here's a few from Logan canyon...it was a lot colder then we'd hoped for an autumn walk, but still fun.

Dumb and Dumber

The yard...