Infertility 1

Okay, this will be the first of many infertility posts for my infertile peeps out there. Everyone who knows me knows that we had to use donor egg in vitro to get pregnant. Because of this, we get quite a few people calling us wanting more info on the process, procedures of infertility treatments. So, here's my story...hope it helps. In my case it's called Premature Ovarian Failure. Why do I have it? Who knows. Is it genetic? Who knows? Is there a way around it? You bet...sort of.
After a period (or lack of a "period"...ha ha ha) of test, exams, ultrasounds blah, blah, blah the conclusion was that my ovaries failed before they ever really got going. I was told by the specialists at the University of Utah Reproductive Medicine that donor egg in vitro was my only chance at becoming pregnant. Options were discussed about using known donors (such as my sister) or an anonymous donor provided by the U of U. Once given this information, my only chance was to use hormone therapy for development and provide estrogen to my body which protects my bones and does lots of other junk. Although sad about the diagnosis, I have looked back and realize my outcome was so much easier then others who struggle to get pregnant with perfect ovaries.
My diagnosis was at 18 years of age, without a single spontaneous menstrual cycle. But, I knew in advance what was going to have to be done instead of being ready to get pregnant and not able to figure out why I couldn't. This was my advantage (if there is any advantage). When we were ready to have a child, the U of U performed an HSG (hysterosalpingogram). It was done to visualize the patency of my uterus and fallopian tubes (basically wanted to make sure there wasn't a blockage anywhere). It wasn't too bad (kinda like being injected with karo syrup)...only a little cramping. After that and a few ultrasounds, blood tests, we were ready to go ahead with the donor egg in vitro program.
First off, we had a session with a psychologist to make sure we knew what we were doing. She discussed our options with using a known donor such as my sister. I have one sister and she's one of my best friends, but I wouldn't want to ever change that. Can you imagine your child being mad at you and saying " well fine, I'll just go live with aunt so and so because she's my real mom anyway!" So, we opted, as recommended, to use an anonymous donor. More to come...



Twins and best friends

This is why we tape Isabella's diapers now...everyday, everynap!
Notice anything unusual in this picture...Oh, yeah, there's no baby in one of the beds...hmm, where could Isabella be?

Oh there she is!!


Infertility intro

I am asked quite frequently about our experience with infertility, in vitro, adoption, labor, birth, c-sections, etc...So, i am going to try and post everything I can remember about the process and information I can to be a resource to those that are needing it. If you have friends or family that could use a little info, please have them visit our blog and they can contact me for more info by email. I'll try and gather more info over the next few days...


It's cool to catch crabs!

My niece Heidi is officially the coolest person I know right now. She was just hanging out in Homer, Alaska tonight and got the chance to meet Jonathan Hillstrand from the Time Bandit (only my most FAVORITE captain from Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel...new episodes Tuesdays). Anyway, she rocks cause she got me a T-shirt and I'm pretty sure he rubbed it all over his body for me...mmm I hope it smells like crabs! Here's a picture of Heidi and him...more pictures to come!!!

P.S. Heidi, I'm gonna kill you if you wash the shirt your wearing!
Love, your favorite auntie,


Every day is a party...

Carson's birthday is in a few days. We've had 2 parties for him and he's ALMOST worn out... The babies had fun too...


I owe it to him...

Okay, the last post...if you couldn't tell, was Stan. But he IS right. His only fault was that I thought he didn't read our blog, but to my surprise, he DOES! SO, to make it up to him, I thought I would post up top our picture together at our last ward Christmas party. It's after the twins were born so I thought I'd show off my hot bod and tattoos! Anyway, Stan looked pretty good that night too! If you didn't see the last picture of me and Edward, here it is!

Crazy Woman!

OK, I have got to admit that I am a crazy woman who has no idea how caring and magnificent my husband is. He is the furthest thing from rotten! He seriously is the greatest man on the planet!! He is the greatest family man that a girl could ever dream for! Stan almost never does what he wants to do but he ALWAYS helps me with what I want to do and lets me buy anything that I really want. Even if it is a pottery barn pillow that is as big as a bus and non returnable. He always helps the children have fun experiences outside like bonfires, rides in the wheelbarrow, or fishing trips. I must be a confused and oblivious little girl because as it turns out Stan has been reading our blog but just not telling me. He is always surprising me!! He has even been voting on the ugly curtains. He makes me laugh so much and for the record Edward is ugly and I belong to team Stanford forever!!!! Aubs


Down home country girl

We live next to the infamous ("more then famous" according to the 3 Amigo's) Red House in Wellsville. While it is FOR SALE we get many visitors daily asking us about it. Yesterday, we had a rich couple ( I say rich because they were driving an Escalade instead of a mini van) stop to inquiry about it. I went walking over like a friendly neighbor with my "Free Gas" t-shirt on (which has a little character on it lifting his leg). They were wondering if it was still for sale. I'm sure they were impressed by their possible future neighbors with my hair frazzled, filthy pants, feet so muddy it looked like I had shoes on and in the background I'm screaming, "Sicily stop pooping in the neighbors yard." They scurried around the opposite side of the house to avoid us to peek in the windows. They never made an effort to say goodbye, but that didn't stop me from yelling "Ya'll come back now ya hear!" It's a wonder why the thing is still for sale!


You don't like the picture?...

SO, okay, so even though I may not be the most famous blogger...I actually DO have 8 "followers" and even though I didn't make the cheer squad in high school or get to be one of those girls that throw the sticks in the air, I DID get probably 3 or 4 popular kids say that they wanted to keep in touch in my year book. And EVEN though they never contacted me after that, they meant what they said when they wrote "2-cool-2-b-4-gotten." So it really hurts that not even my husband who thinks I'm really cool doesn't read my blog.....SOOOO,
I'm starting a pledge against the rotten hubby's who don't take time to read their wives useless bits
of information. We're callin' it...."Mama Drama Blogger Dogger" For starts, Edward Cullen and me
at the top...until he reads my blog. If he don't like it....BITE ME!


Oh my achin' everything

No blog updates? Why?
We'll get right down to the dirty information...(literally)
We've been (during naptimes and at night with a spot light):

- Laying down over a 1000 brick paver patio (that's where the aching back stepped in)
- Digging potential future flower beds, raised garden areas etc.
- Placing flagstone walk ways and then removing them to do sprinklers
- Hauling sand, gravel and our kids by wheel barrow to every remote inch on our property
- Buying trees, shrubs, weed barrier, grass barrier, sand, dirt, mulch, sprinkler parts, misters, electrical wire
- Spreading over 240 wheel barrows of mulch over our soon-to-be lawn (that's 48 cubic yards!!)
- Moved 12 cubic yards of topsoil to various beds, low spots etc.
- Tilled the entire yard and in some spots several times
- And only 2 injuries! (Stan sprained his wrist and, my hand swelled for some odd reason)

We're dirty and tired, but tomorrow we gotta get tough because they're delivering almost 7 thousand square feet of sod!

Dumb and Dumber

The yard...