So, I was recently reading an article left for me in my work box from another nurse titled "The Preemie Diaries". It was basically a man's journal entries which he wrote during the time his premature twins were hospitalized in the NICU. In ways it makes me shutter to remember the small details which he describes his infants experience with tubes, heart monitors, breathing machines, etc etc. He described their experience with Necrotising Enterocolitis as "relentless stress"...something we're are glad to be done with as well. Then a few months pass, the babies start to grow and develop, and infrequently do we remember what we would have given 6 months ago to know that we would be doing as good as we are. There are good nights and bad and sometimes really bad (such as last night), but "bad" is relative. I'm ashamed at what I consider now to be a "bad" night considering what we experienced a short 6 months ago...
We brought Peyton and Isabella in for their 6 month check up. Isabella hit the scales at a hefty 15+ pounds and is in the 29th percentile (the biggest of all our babies at her age!). Peyton is still a wee- little-one. He is only 13+ pounds and isn't even hitting the 1st percentile...Stan asked oue pediatrician if he wanted us to give him bacon juice in his bottle!



Here are videos of Carson's first soccer game and first goal of the year for the team! The other video is what I like to call "brotherly love."

Well, a lot happens in a short period of time here at the Johnson home. We had bought a lot up on the bench of he Wellsville mountains mid February. We had all the plans drawn up and were just about to dig the hole when we ran across a small problem (ok, maybe a big problem...and one of many problems) and changed all our plans. We sold our home, walked through a model home and signed to build an "Immaculate Home" on a totally different lot. Now we just need to sell the lot up on the bench and we'll be in good shape...never say never around here! The path we're on feels SO much less stressful and we are totally in love with the house plan. In fact, we loved it so much that we decided to bring our good friends, Chelsea and Lanee Adamson, over to see it...they evidently loved the "Immaculate Home" plans too because they signed on a house plan and a lot right next door to us!!

As for the kid-o's, they are all fantastic! Carson started soccer. He was a little nervous to go, but he didn't mind the attention he received when he made the very first goal of the season!! I included a video of it! The babies are big and healthy and Phoenix is happy (mostly...we're still working on that one.) The babies aren't sleeping a minute longer than the day we brought them home so Stan and and I are usually delisrious. As Stan puts it "Man, I get more sleep when I go to work!" Carson's birthday is coming up and he reminds us of everything he wants everyday. The boys are anxious to be outside even if it is still a little chilly...and we're anxious for them to be out there too! Well, I better be going it's time to get the kids in bed...oh wait, we just got outta bed...dang it!

Dumb and Dumber

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