We're all from the West Valley area so we thought it would be appropriate to flash NKOTB signs West Valley style


WOW! You're wondering how it went (NKOTB) right? It was FANTASTIC! I have to admit that we all probably felt a little geeky going to a New Kids concert after all these years, but it was the most entertaining show I can remember! Lady Gaga and Natasha Bedingfield opened and did an amazing job. New kids performed for nearly 2 and a half hours which included old and new songs. I must say, they are lookin pretty dang good for their age! In fact, I did what most crazy fans do and threw my bra up on stage...the crazy thing is that they threw it back to me...maybe it had somthing to do with the fact that it was a nursing bra (I'm totally kidding!!) Anyway, we got a few pics which turned out to be like most concert pics (crumby) and a few different videos. I will post them asap! So after 20 years they still got "The Right Stuff" and we'll be "Hangin' Tough" til' they come back again! I wore my 20 year old sweatshirt that my parents had made for me back in the day. Too bad Gina didn't have hers to match! Most everyone there had New Kids memorabilia or at least dressed like they were living in the early 90's. It was RAD!


Guess where my sister and I are going tonight...that's right, NKOTB! You only wish you were that cool! Here's a peak of what we will get!


One of a kind...

Well, Phoenix never fails to beat the odds...I found a HUGE lump in his not-to-share area (even though he shares all his areas with the whole neighborhood!) a few days ago. As I was advised, I took him right in to see the Pediatrician. I was a little sick about it because I have had a nephew around the same age as Phoenix go through chemo due to testicular cancer. So, there were a few possibilities, one being a hydrocele which in a boy his age is pretty rare...But, it was no surprise that he beat the odds and it WAS a hydrocele. We are extremely thankful. The funny part is that when I talked to another pediatrician (one that had stepped into our doctors visit to give a second opinion) and told him that it ended up being a hydrocele he asked me if I thought he had been injured in that area recently. I said "to be honest, the kid screams so much that I wouldn't have noticed if he had been!"
P.S. According to Wikipedia...A hydrocele is the accumulation of fluids around a testicle. It can occur in infants undergoing peritoneal dialysis. A hydrocele testis is due to fluid secreted from a remnant piece of peritoneum wrapped around the testis called the tunica vaginalis. It can also be as a result of cancer, trauma (such as a hernia), or orchitis. It can also be the result of a plugged inguinal lymphatic system caused by repeated chronic infection of Wuchereria bancrofti or Brugia malayi, two mosquito-borne parasites of Africa and S.E. Asia, respectively. As such the condition would be a part of more diffuse sequelae commonly referred to as elephantiasis.


Do you like our fashionable baby gates?

This is the dirt mound they were streakin' on!

We have a Halloween witch that visits us every year and makes a "Witch's Brew

Cute little Phoenix was just trying to help feed Sicily!


We moved temporarily from our apartment to our awesome friends Lanee & Chelsea's house...While we were there our little butterfly hatched!

Peyton & Bella just enjoying a nice warm day while we unload moving trucks...
Isabella wanted to test out the integrity of the drawers...

Wow, here it is almost a whole month since we blogged last. We've moved...we're happy...we're relieved...And we've already made a few funny memories...
It wasn't much more than a few days in our house when Carson and Phoenix were found in our backyard on top of a huge mound of dirt bare naked! I actually have pics, but following my instincts I've decided not to post them! The funniest part is that 2 doors down a landscaping crew was working and saw the whole thing. Now they thing we're a ll a bunch of streakers! I will post as many pics as I can to update us for the past month.

Dumb and Dumber

The yard...