Johnson Jungle Standards

We here at the Johnson Jungle home like to think of ourselves as hospitable...but we DO have exceptions...One creature took it upon himself (or herself) to assume we would welcome another guest into our home. The measures he/she took were beyond our understanding, but to no avail our home was safeguarded by fate. We sacrificed a loyal window screen that did it's best, and in the end WON! Here's our proof...


TWINS...what's not to love?

We made it through 2008!!! And the twins first year of life!! It has been wonderful! We've come away from 2008 with only a few minor scratches and stitches and we're still smiling! When we are shopping, or going anywhere for that matter, we get a LOT of people who say "Wow, twins!! how fun!" And our reply is..."fun, huh, is that what they call it?" We can't complain, it REALLY has been fun and stressful, and eventful, and messy...(I'm actually watching Peyton empty the contents out of another kitchen drawer...he's pulling the role 0f 150 sandwich bags out onto the floor!)

SO, I've decided to make a Top Ten Twins List (5 most favorite things about twins)

1. One baby decides to poop all the way up the back...so, you pull the diaper off and scootch it far enough away so they can't reach it while your trying to salvage their outfit and the other one decides to help themselves to the mess...they both end up in the bath..

2. You find them laughing hysterically as they splash themselves with toilet water that your 5 yr old forgot to flush...

3. One baby is completely exhausted so you decide to put that one down for a nap. Then, you decide the 2nd one is ready only to lay them in the crib and they scream so loud that they wake the other one up...really, you want to pull out your hair one by one!

4. Theyv'e pulled out every sandwich bag, tin foil and plastic wrap box as well as napkins, towels, wash cloths and bibs out of the kitchen drawer while your folding laundry. You start picking up the mess trying to place the napkins sqaurely on top of each other (because you're convinced this won't happen again) and you return to the basket of laundry that now has to be folded again...

5. Their clothes are interchangeable! See below!

Whoever said boys aren't happy wearing princess pajamas!

Dumb and Dumber

The yard...