i threw away a $30 full bottle of flovent (asthma med) and kept the empty one. Mr. T has graduated from getting a match box car from pooping in the toilet to getting a piece of bubbllicious. Now he poops 4 times a day to get a new piece. Bella, pooped all over her sheets, bumper pads, head etc this morning (what's new?). A little boy was mean to Carson on the bus, so I taught Carson how to flick boogers...j/k. Peyton is walking (only 16 1/2 months, but who's in a hurry?) Stan is starting his preceptorship in the NICU in mid March. I'm....well, surviving (with much more sleep then past months!) We are starting to finish the basement...it goes like this.....measure wood, plug in saw, unlock safety mechanism, cut wood, unplug saw, lock safety mechanism, etc, etc. Fun having kids!


Cute little Bella with her Valentines dress and shoes...

I was reading a book to Phoenix yesterday about colors. Every page had 4 items of the same color on it. When we reached the "orange" page I pointed to each picture and asked him what it was. His reply was "an orange-orange", "orange carrots", "orange punkin", "orange-milk"....I just about peed my pants!

What I want to know is...what's the girl on the right side doing? Anyway, more adventure's...Isabella woke from her nap with poop all over her crib again. I stripped her crib including a little pink blanket (thanks, Anna) that she can't sleep without and threw it all in the washer. Later on, I had Phoenix with a fever in my lap and the babies tugging on my leg screaming for bedtime. Then, to cut back on details, Phoenix threw up, babies tugging on throw up blanket, Phoenix screaming, babies screaming, Bella falls back and hits her head, Carson comforts Bella, cribs stripped down, can't find binki, bedding still wet in washer..blah, blah, blah. Anyway, the boys had a fun weekend with their cuz', Cadyn. Such a cute hippie!


"T" for Tendencies

Today's post is all about "Mr. T"...no, no not the one from the 80's. We're talking about our second child "Mr. Tendencies." I prefer his "weirdisms" to be referred to as "tendencies" to avoid the labels that come with children like him. If you don't know Phoenix, you will someday. He will be famous probably for his good looks or ability to scream his way into any deal. He is funny and irritable ... and couldn't be more loyal to his older brother. He washes his hands after everything he does regardless if the rest of his body hasn't been bathed for a week. He is non-distractable. When he wakes up every morning he decides to look for a toy he hasn't seen for quite some time. He will spend the rest of the day searching until he has asked us 300 times where we put it and we have to tell him that it flew to the moon and is gone forever. He says funny things to make Carson laugh such as "Carson, you're a WHITE girl with WHITE legs!" He eats enormous amounts of food and is STILL hungry! He's afraid of house flies and has a love/hate relationship with helium ballons. He LOVES taking baths and wears batman/iron man/spiderman costumes every day. He's always stealing packages of Ramen Noodles from the cupboard to eat (uncooked) in his bed, or strawberries, or nuts, or anything edible. He has amazing brown eyes and uses them to get what he wants. He's simply Phoenix aka Mr. T


For lack of a better title

Our self proclaimed fame has brought me to my present post..."what more would others like to know about the Johnson's?" Or better yet "What more would I like to think others would like to know about the Johnsons?" Anyway, here we go...[My peeps (friends/family) don't count]. We're talkin' the nitty gritty here people!

10 things Aubrey digs/digslikes
1. Digs-Colon Campers (aka gummy bears)
2. Digslikes - criss-crosses on peanut butter cookies
3. Digs- getting into cars that are toasty from the sunlight
4. Digslikes- mayo
5. Digs - delivering babies
6. Digslikes - delivering babies
7. Digs - Italian food
8. Digslikes - the word "moist"
9. Digs - movie "Meet the Parents"
10. Digslikes - the word "panties"

Rule #3...I'm not sure what happened to rule #1 and #2, but I'm thinkin' they were important. Anyway, please do not combine #8 and #10. And since the rest of the fam isn't here to speak for themselves I let you imagine that they are much more normal then me. the end...it's 2am, give me a break


New favorite quote...


Eggs & Rotten Girls with Toothbrushes

Stan decided to make hard boiled eggs yesterday. He forgot to mention that he had already fed Phoenix 2 eggs after I fed him 3....add that to chronic, non-specific diarrhea of the toddler and that equals...fun....or something equivalent.
He was eating this bowl of cereal 17 minutes later. 5 chocolate chip granola bars by noon (NO, I DIDN"T KNOW HE WAS EATING 5 OF THEM!) I came up with a NANDA approved nursing diagnosis (Nerdy thing RN's have to do on the job)... Ineffective eating pattern related to lack of parental supervision...High five to my RN peeps.

Peyton thought he'd try on Phoenix's boots...

Who lets their kid run around with no shirt on...

Determined to start off the morning right, I brought the babies toothbrushes (their favorite thing!) on the way to picking them up from their cribs. Isabella, LOVES her toothbrush. After I cleaned up her and all the bedding in her crib that she had pooped on, it was time to put the toothbrushes back and go down for breakfast. Then, it happened...Bella was SOOOOO MAD! I have the BITE on my arm from my little Princess BS (blood-sucker) to prove it.Do you like how I made sure she was in the background to add a little drama? I should totally be a cinematographer!


what a day...

Stan was working a day shift and by the end of the day I was sick of being in the house with 4 kids and nothing to eat. SOOOO..., I decided a trip to the store with all 4 kids was necessary. I wasn't anticipating the 3 meltdowns we had before arriving to the parking lot, the thousands of wandering people looking to buy just the perfect "Superbowl fixin", the milk in our shopping basket that dripped a continuous stream all the way to the checkout, and our second child screaming "this popcorn chicken isn't red!!!" What the heck (heck is for people who don't believe in gosh) is red popcorn chicken?! Then, we were lucky enough for one of the market employees to tell me that if we stood on the #13 pasted to the floor then we would be given a prize for their Super Bowl give-aways....SOOO, Carson & Phoenix stood on the number until another employee brought us a certificate for a free bucket of Macey's guacamole...yes, guacamole. Now, let's get something straight, I thought to myself. It's pretty much the most miserable shopping trip of my life and your handing my kids (who would rather have a spankin' then guacamole) a coupon that I have to stand in a 2nd line to redeem at the service desk? Needless to say, after a lady in front of me felt sorry and unloaded my full cart of groceries onto the checkstand and another employee went all the way back to get a brand new gallon of milk (which should have been half full at this point (or half empty for the kind of trip it was!)) I decided to stand in line for the free guac. It wasn't great, but I knew I had something I could throw at my kids on the way home if they were still misbehaving...mental note: some things that are free are not worth having...that one's worth jotting down...go ahead, jot it....now. i'm done

Dumb and Dumber

The yard...