The other day we found 31 potato bugs and then yesterday only 28...were they mad at us? Did we do something to offend them? Where's the love?
...Then, today, we had 32...what a relief!


Can you believe it!! I actually let go of him and he is currently in his first kindergarten class! I felt some heavy weights on my ankles as I walked away from his class, but not a tear was shed!

This was his first year in preschool...can you believe how much he's grown!


Clean and STINKIN' funny! Check out this YouTube video!


So, we're in the process of signing Carson up for Kindergarten and although we have his backpack packed, his new clothes lined up neatly in the closet, and his school route (routed and re-routed...and I'm driving him to school) part of me still wishes we could wait just one more year before my little boy goes off to school. It doesn't quite help reading the disclaimers on what kind of penalty there is for bringing weapons to school and the best way to escape the school grounds in case of an emergency! I'm signing up for PTA hoping that gives me special permission to pull a sleeping bag up next to his tiny little desk so I can sleep after a long nights work and feel at peace that he's not learning anything more than hopscotch and passing notes from other little kindy-gartners!


Quit BUGGIN me!

Many people ask where we (usually me - Aubs) get the time to blog with our crazy screaming household of children. Well, as many of you know, we currently reside in a basement apartment until our "crib" (currently under construction) is complete. With no time spent mowing lawns, visiting with neighbors or enjoying life as we knew it as home owners, some time is savored by sharing personal experiences with my make-believe entourage of fans while the children slumber. (can we say run-on-sentence?) Blogs are my way of pretending that we're not going crazy...
So without further adieu...the blogging continues...now back to basement apartments...

We have learned a lot from living in a basement apartment...
(oh great, here comes a tangent!)
  1. Don't trust bug bombs, spider spray or potato bugs
  2. hmm....maybe we haven't learned a lot

Well, the important thing is that we love our close quarters and aren't really even excited to move into a house without an endless supply of potato bugs on our bathroom floor every morning...or wait...reverse that.

SO, you're looking at the picture of the spider and can't figure out why in the world I would post a pic of a hairy spider...right? Well, it's one of many I have "Smudged" since we have been here. I found this one tonight when I was sneaking to the freezer for some Edamame. Needless to say I was disappointed (we were out of Edamame) not only to have to settle for some pineapple sherbet and watch HGTV instead of Deadliest Catch (season is over), but I also had half a heart attack when I saw this hairy guy eyeing my chilled treat. He got the Smudge treatment and into a ziplock to be more closely examined in the morn. If you're lucky we'll post a few more of our furry found friends in the future...


Okay, I have to admit that I have a pretty hilarious and at times, exciting job. I would love to share my entertaining experiences with you, but in fear of HIPPA violations...I will let someone do it for me. I've added a new blog to my Fav's. It is http://www.itsababynotbrainsurgery.blogspot.com/ I'm not personal friends with the author of this blog, but I assume she works in a larger city where she's not so fearful of running into a patient that she may have blogged about. If you want to share just a little of Labor & Delivery humor...you'll have to check it out!


Ok, can I say that taking pictures of the family is probably one of the worst activities of the year? Needless to say, they turned out great...here's a sneak peek.


One more thing...You HAVE to go check out what I made for Gina (my Sis') for her birthday
Go to www.ginashangintough.blogspot.com

Well, the house seems to be coming along nicely...We did a walk through with our builder to make sure everything looked good before the dry wall goes up. As for our land that's been under contract...well, after extending the closing deadline 4 times for our buyers, they backed out! I think there is patience and forgiveness, and humbleness (is that a real word?) to be learned. So if anyone has an extra 85k sitting around...we might be able to remedy the situation.

Anyway, here are a few cute pics from the kids swiming...thanks to Dawn and Wendi in L&D for the WAY cute suit for Bella! The bottom pic is the land we're selling in case anyone wants to build in Red Slide Subdivision on the bench of the Wellsville's!

Dumb and Dumber

The yard...