I couldn't resist posting the pic of the mormons on the side of a casino...a little bit of irony there.
So we knew Peyton was allergic to Penicillin...so we gave him Omnicef for a little ear infection. It was a 10% crossover reaction and I guesss he fit in that 10% because he's now on more meds trying to control the hives!

Part of his allergic reaction included swollen knees!

This picture below was his allergic reaction to his sister biting him...it's amazing how your skin just puffs right up when you get bit by your vampire sister! This is a picture that includes 3 different bites from three different episodes...she always goes for his right arm for some reason!

This is a before picture of Peyton's hair before we cut in in LV. Gonna miss the curls!

He loves his new hair cut!
Another bite...left arm this time! i guess she was giving him a break!

Now Sicily got a haircut today by me (Aubs)...I'm pretty sure it's the worst doggie haircut ever, but I think I really impressed some potential homebuyers of the infamous "red house" when they looked over and saw me giving her a haircut ...the remains looked like I cut her hair with a cheese grater!



Our neice Heidi came to stay with us for a week...it was great! We watched lots of Deadliest Catch! And I got my signed T-shirt from Jonathan Hillstrand!!!! It says "Shut up and fish! -Capt. Jonathan Hillstrand" It is so awesome!!!! Then we went to the air show at hill air force. It was amazing! I'll post some pictures soon, but the internet is too slow right now in the car!

We had a reunion yesterday with my childhood friends who we haven't seen for around 14 years! It was awesome to see everyone and their cute families! Good BBQ Stan!

Now we are currently on the road to Vegas! Can't wait for the good food and fun! We'll let you know how riding in the car with 4 kids in 4 careseats goes!


Dumb and Dumber

The yard...