While driving peacefully in our newly repaired Honda Odyssey (a truck scraped down the side of it in the Post Office parking lot) we were speedily approached from the rear end by a young lady wearing platform high heels and driving a volkswagon passat. Needless to say, as her foot (compromised by the fashionable foot wear) accidently hit the gas pedal instead of the brake... we were not so pleasantly surprised by a loud smash coming from behind. I (Aubrey) jumped in the back to make sure all the kids were ok, but humorously the only person affected was Stan who swallowed his gum as his head hit the head rest. Today, his neck is sore, but otherwise ok. As for the Odyssey...well, let's just say that the guys as the repair shop are going to know us by first name. Stan and I are just happy that we get our van cleaned and vacuumed before it is returned to us!

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