"Shoo fly! Dont bother me!"

We have started to settle into our new apartment that is nestled in the hills of Mendon and we are adjusting to our inconveniences. Our children are having some adjustments to make as well. Phoenix has developed a deathly fear of houseflies. Ha ha!! No serious. He may be mistaking them with mosquito's or bees or something. All we know is that we thought there was a lot of crying before this phobia. Do you have any idea how many flies there are? Do you know how persistent they can be? Do you know how loud a 2 year old can scream? Well, just watch the video and you will get a little taste of what we enjoy every time he encounters a housefly. Carson, on the other hand, has found great joy in being a bit more stubborn. He has decided that even though we would like him to ask us if he can hold or carry the babies, he would rather do it without us knowing. Today we heard a tumbling sound and then crying and ran to find Isabella at the bottom of the stairs scuffed up and tearful. When we asked Carson where he carried her, he pointed to the 7th step. Whew! Good thing kids bounce.


Chelsea said...

So I'm trying to post another comment on here, maybe you'll get it this time? LOVE the video, it cracks me up. Poor Phoenix! As for Carson and Bella, bouncing kids, ha ha! It sounds like living in Mendon will be anything but boring!! I guess life is never boring with 4 kids all under the age of 4!! Love you guys!

Dotty said...

This is great info to know.

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