Late night opener to Transformers was a blast, but a little disappointed in the flick. A lot of junkie stuff and practically all action and not much story....still worth seeing...maybe once. Bella has calmed down on the biting....interestingly after Peyton bit her back. We had such a blast at the Johnson Family reunion in Blackfoot. Good food as usual and fun to see all our cuz's.
We've enjoyed a few sleepovers from our neices Heidi and Whitney...they keep us young and updated on technology! I got to watch the Michael Jackson Memorial...if you didn't, you can still repent. Wished I could be at the Staples Center watching it in person.
Yard work, yard work, yard work...oh and did I mention lots of weeds and filthy heels from walking in dirt? Endless.
Wish I could be with the Farina family in LA this weekend....food and most importantly family!

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